5 tips on how to help your small business survive the COVID-19 pandemic

Adapt, adjust, and grow! That’s the mantra for every budding business participant. With the unfolding worldwide COVID-19 pandemic, in no way has this method felt more related. Indeed, the current crisis presents an ideal challenge to place our business resilience into exercise by adapting to circumstances quicker than a chameleon inside a rose garden.

UNDP Indonesia is happy to have caused a number of the top thoughts in entrepreneurship through our YouthCo Laboratory program and company accelerator program Influence Aim.

So, within their terms, below are a few ideas to survive amid this challenging situation.

1. Identifying the hidden opportunities

And such as all hidden possibilities, they are tricky to find. It’s called concealed for grounds. So, we have to open up our eye and ear to tune in to the conversation, depend on your systems to learn what lies forward. Remember everybody matters in crises, from leading liners that are providing your products to your neighborhood clients – everybody includes a piece of details or show you could capitalize on. Therefore before you adjust and make modifications inside your products, be sure you keep no rock unturned to find your next opportunities.

2. Diversify your products – actual quick

Don’t spend a lot of time doing detective functions inside identifying your hidden possibilities. Remember, time will be of the substance here. You’re racing against additional competitors that are on a single mission. Suri the products, a Western Sumatra province-based natural-skincare interpersonal enterprise placed 2nd in Youngsters Co: Lab 2019. Their win had not been without cause because immediately after the pandemic COVID19 strike Indonesia, not merely did they discover a way to diversify their items to address the spike prevalent for hand sanitizers. However, they also achieved it in under three weeks.
“Our priority now could be to ride the wave’ in lots of ways. We are starting wellbeing & homecare products to handle the challenges from the COVID-19 pandemic. I believe this is furthermore as soon as for a social business to sparkle and create a direct effect that is meaningful to the community,” said Laressa Amaly, co-founder of Suri THE PRODUCTS.

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3. Anticipate the surge; usually, you miss out.

If you’re among the lucky ones and you are actually in a company producing in-demand products in moments of problems, then you’ve hit the business enterprise strategy jackpot. But make sure to utilize the bank sensibly because an excessive amount of a good thing can destroy you. So anticipate to look for new companions or make modifications in your manufacturing line to meet up the surging need.

“Dealing with the COVID-19 scenario and the problems it poses, we just have two choices: to survive and innovate or even to turn off,” stated Indra Hari Darmawan, who owns Huma Bahijau, who placed 3 rd in f Youth Co: Laboratory 2018.

But because of Huma Bahijau’s primary items – Moringa Green tea – thought to increase immunity and construct stamina- the business has received a surge of requirement.

“Using the increasing demand for Moringa tea, we’ve plenty of new customers who are likely to become normal customers. From our part, we are attempting our better to boost supply and elect to companion with moringa farmers in East Kalimantan and Western Kalimantan,” additional Darmawan.

4. Upgrading your game.

Another business player who has enjoyed the surge is Kitabisa. The web crowd founder platform has stepped around support communities because they struggle to deal with the issues of COVID-19.

“As Indonesia and Southeast Asia’s top donation-based crowdfunding system, Kitabisa received a lot of requests to greatly help facilitate individuals, areas, organizations, and businesses who wish to increase money for leads to linked to COVID-19 and connect these to individual donors,” said Vikram Ijaz, Co-Founder of Kitabisa.

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5. Get your details right

Finally – usually get the facts best. Ok, we confess, we are doing a little bit of cheating right here as the guidance may not arrive as a shock, but really what we should do is advertising UNDP’s go-to platform for a fact looking at.

Nothing flourishes a lot more than fake information in situations of turmoil and general public confusion. Qlue is a go-to system for gov-tech options in Indonesia concentrated mainly on assisting clients in creating much better urban living problems.
Qlue, plus various other Indonesian companies such as Kata.ai, Volantis, and Telkom Team amongst others, launched Indonesia Bergerak (https://indonesiabergerak.com/), a system featuring updated COVID-19 information for the general public.

“Qlue activates a good city ecosystem by giving QlueApp as a resident platform to statement and take notice of the COVID-19 advancements, which is utilized by staff from your National Disaster Administration Agency (BNPB) inside the industry to coordinate various jobs effectively and efficiently”, mentioned Rama Raditya (Creator and CEO). Both KitaBisa and Qlue had been part of the Impact Aim Endeavor Accelerator Program’s 1st cohort.

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced us to re-evaluate just how we address these challenges and plan the future. It is encouraging to understand that amidst this chaos, younger entrepreneurs are at the forefront, maintaining a definite sense of local community and showing that people all have a job to create back better.